About Us

Lead by Mr Milind Khairnar

Lead by Mr Milind Khairnar our team at Square Deal Interior works hard to breathe a fresh life into your spaces. We work hard to understand each and every aspect of your work, your habits, your likes and dislike to design spaces that look and feel as a very extension of you. Don’t worry if you  want a aristocratic and classy feel to your mansion, or want a modern minimalistic look to your studio apartment, or want to remodel your office, just give us a call and rest easy.

Who We Are

We are a bunch of dedicated professional who work together to transform your spaces in to lovely surroundings that bring in a positive energy and cheerfulness to the environment.Lead by Mr. Milind Khairnar our team works on the minutest of the details to help you transform your surroundings in to beautiful spaces that you love and cherish.